Dr.Muhammad Zulkarnain Abbas

zulkarnain @ nfciet (dot) edu (dot) pk
Assistant Professor/HOD
Department of Mechanical Engineering
PhD in Mechanical Engineerig(Shanghai JiaoTong China)-2020
M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering (UET Taxila) - 2016
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering (UET Taxila) - 2014

Professional Affiliations

Pakistan Engineering Council

Recent Publications

Zulkarnain Abbas, Dongwen Chen, Li Yong, Y. Li, Ruzhu Wang. Performance analysis of seasonal soil heat storage system based on numerical simulation and experimental investigation. Renewable Energy Journal, 2021 [Published SCI; IF: 8.63]
Dongwen Chen, Yong Li, Zulkarnain Abbas. Network flow calculations based on the directional nodal potential method for meshed heating networks. Energy,2021 [ Published,SCI.IF:8.85].
M.U.Shahid, Thamer.A, A. Siddique, Zulkarnain Abbas. RES based Islanded DC Microgrid with Enhanced Electrical Network Islanding Detection. Energies.2021 [ Published SCI,IF 3.00]
Zulkarnain Abbas, Yang Zhidian , Saqlain Abbas et al; Numerical analysis of environment friendly solar aided coal-fired supercritical thermal power plant cycle integrated with dual heat exchanger. International Journal Ambient Energy,2022 [Published]
Zulkarnain Abbas, Y. Li, R.Z Wang. Numerical simulation of underground seasonal cold energy storage for 10 MW solar thermal power plant in Western China using TRNSYS. Frontiers in Energy, 2020 [Published SCI, IF: 2.70].
Dongwen Chen, Zulkarnain Abbas, Y. Li, Xiao Hu et al; Optimal centralized integrated energy station site approach based on energy transmission loss analysis. . International Journal of Energy Research. 2020; [Published SCI, IF: 5.16]
Saqlain Abbas, Zulkarnain Abbas, et al. Experimental Investigation of Performance Characteristics of PZT-5A with application to Fault Diagnosis using EMI-based Structural Health Monitoring. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 2021.
Zulkarnain Abbas, Saqlain Abbas, M Umair Shahid e tal. Performance analysis of geocooling energy storage technique for domestic buildings in areas under typical weather conditions. 4th International Conference on Energy Conservation and Efficiency (ICECE),2021.