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Department Head

Dr. Shazadi Sattar

Dr. Shazadi Sattar

Business Education at NFC-IET intend to impart broad knowledge of management and communicational skills in order to develop business decision making capabilities among future managers and executives. Core focus of our business programme is to develop critical thinking among students enabling them to gain strategic orientation to ensure organizational success and competitiveness. Students learn at NFC-IET essential management skills and conceptual framework necessary to apply them successfully in the field of Management and associated areas such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Finance. Our students choose a specialization of their own interests, which further facilitate them to develop managerial skills in a particular sector. Moreover, the internship and industrial tours provide real-time organizational exposures to our students.

Vision and Mission

  • Pursue Excellence in Education & Research
  • Develop curricula to meet National and Economy needs
  • Develop a Vivid interface between Academia and Industry
  • Enhance the Capacity Building of Faculty

Aims and Objectives

The BBA Programme aims at developing graduates with through of the contemporary business environment in which the public and private sectors mainly operate. It helps students to develop decision making ability in difficult business situations.

Job opportunities and Future Prospects

As our course structure basically focuses on detailed study of business administration’s foundational, functional and decisional areas, that’s why our graduates are ready to meet the ever changing diverse challenges of the organizations in the region. Completion of four-year BBA programme allows students to start their careers as an Industrial Production Manager, Procurement Manager, Operational Manager, Purchasing Manager, Public Relation Officer, Quality Assurance Control Manager, facility Manager, Organizational Consultant, Supply Chain Manager or an Entrepreneur. Moreover, after BBA programme graduates may continue their further higher education at post-graduation level such as MBA or MS within the country or abroad.

Faculty at NFC-IET have impeccable qualifications, extensive expertise and experience in their chosen fields and an overriding commitment to the welfare of their students. Our faculty is one of the biggest reasons why students select NFC-IET.

  •   Bachelors in Business Administration
  •   Masters in Business Administration


Business Administration department is a purpose built building that offers ample space for laboratories, training rooms, spacious class rooms, meeting and discussions rooms, video conference rooms, and faculty offices.

Facilities in the labs are for better learning and to prepared them to fulfill the future job requirements. Following facilities are available in our lab:

  • Advanced Seminar Hall
  • Latest Computers
  • Air conditioned classrooms
  • Access of Free Wifi
  • Highly Equipped computers for specialized applications
  • Research clusters

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

The Business Administration graduates will have the following capabilities upon attainment of the degree.

  •   1. Proficiency in engineering knowledge and tools usage for the design, analysis and evaluation of complex engineering problems.
  •   2. Enhance their knowledge and skills while providing effective solutions keeping in view the environmental and societal aspects.
  •   3. Contribute as a team member or manager, demonstrating professionalism.

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