Welcome to the Department of Fashion Design

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Fashion Design is amongst the world’s highest paying industries, offering lucrative job opportunities. It is a creatively fulfilling and a financially rewarding career for those interested to break the structural norms prevailing in our society. It is a fast-track, hand-on professional course amid the Arts and Humanities preparing students to establish their stake in the fashion paradigm. Multan and Waseb have such ancient traditions that are unique and culturally rich. It has been needed since long for this region to have an institution of fashion design to preserve and continue its splendid history.
Humans are habituated, unlike other species, to carry clothing, jewelry, and other lifestyle accessories. With changing times, things are getting even complex with a range of brand names available addressing a client’s routine needs. This phenomenon determines the scope and necessity of Fashion Designers in our society.
The four-year undergraduate program in Fashion Design aims at equipping graduates with a skillset relevant to fashion industry. On the foundation level, students are introduced to the basic concepts and techniques of Drawing, Basics Design, Draping, Machine Sewing, Pattern Making, and Fashion Illustration. The second and third year’s curricula emphasizes on formative and creative potential and individuality where most of the development and experimentation takes place. The final year enables students to design and produce fashion collections based on conceptual themes. The students cover almost all aspects of technical expertise required in the field, through an intensive curriculum that continues to evolve, corresponding to most recent trends of Fashion Industry.

Faculty at NFC-IET have impeccable qualifications, extensive expertise and experience in their chosen fields and an overriding commitment to the welfare of their students. Our faculty is one of the biggest reasons why students select NFC-IET.

  •   BS. Fashion Design


Department has recently equipped following state of the art labs with modern equipment

  •   Computer Graphics Lab

The computer graphics lab is located in the Department of Architecture. The facility has a total capacity of 50 students and is the best equipped in the NFC-IET. The lab is utilized for many training programs conducted for students. The computers are fully optimized to run the latest versions of drafting, rendering, image & video editing software. Lab is further supplemented by the following equipment such as plotter, multimedia podium rostrum, sound system, internet facility.


Architecture department is a purpose built building that offers ample space for laboratories, training rooms, spacious class rooms, meeting and discussions rooms, video conference rooms, and faculty offices.

Facilities in the labs are for better learning and to prepared them to fulfill the future job requirements. Following facilities are available in our lab:

  • Advanced Networking       
  • Latest Computers
  • Air conditioned classrooms
  • Access of Free Wifi
  • Highly Equipped computers for specialized applications
  • Research clusters

Career Paths

Fashion designers can work in different public and private sectors. These career paths include.

  •   Academia
  •   Private Practice
  •   Building Projects
  •   Private Practice
  •   Design Consultancy
  •   Private Practice
  •   Research Institutes
  •   Private Practice