Team Information

Name Designation Contact Number
Tahir Hussain Meyo Dy. Registrar (Admin) 061-9220012
Nazir Ahmed Chishti Dy. Registrar (Legal) 061-9220012
Syed Nadeem Ahmed Executive Admin 061-9220012
Muhammad Azhar PA to Registrar 061-9220012
Khursheed Khan Assistant Admin 061-9220012
Muhammad Azhar Nadeem Sial 061-9220012


The Office of the Registrar Supports Teaching and Learning at NFC-IET by Maintaining the integrity of academic & research policies and serves as central administrative office of students, faculty and alumni. We provide data to internal and external constituencies, enabling these offices to make informed enrollment management and policy decisions. This office ensures adherence to academic policy, preserving academic integrity and safeguarding academic records. The office of the Registrar Provides exceptional service by valuing student and staff engagement, adapting to the needs of the campus community, and aligning our goals with "uplifting to the whole people." Our mission philosophy is built upon providing quality education in a respectful manner. We believe in diversity of people, thought and opinion as we build community and explore, create and shape the future with innovative educational support strategies. The Registrar's Office is located on the first floor of the Vice Chancellor Secretariat.


  • To conduct of meetings of statutory bodies of the institute, viz: The senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Affiliation Committee and selection Board.
  • Monitoring and control of quality management system of the department for the betterment of the Institute.
  • Management of all academic activities of the institute including admissions, enrolment and maintenance of student records.
  • Monitoring and control of the security and general administrative matter to keep the environment smooth for the students, faculty members and other staff.
  • Human resource management of Institute employees and related matters. - Correspondence with external agencies.
  • Formation of Senate and Syndicate.
  • Maintenance of Graduate register and holding their elections.