Engr. Dr. Sadiq Hussain

Assistant Professor
Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering
PH.D. in Chemical Engineering
M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, PE
Director ORIC
Director QEC

27 years of experience in the Chemical Industry, Research & Teaching

Professional Affiliations

Pakistan Engineering Council

Recent Publications

Publications & Conferences
1) Tazien Rashid , Thanabalan Murugesan, Sadiq Hussain” Optimization of multistage cross current extraction by iterative dynamic programming” IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 458 (2018) 012064 IOP Publishing doi:10.1088/1757-899X/458/1/012064.
2) Hidayatullah Mahar, Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Irshad Ali Gopang, Nabi Bux Jalbani, Sadiq Hussain, Dileep Kumar; “Parametric Effect on Ethanol Production Through use of Monod Model” Journal of Faculty of Engineering & Technology, VOL 24, NO 1 (2017).
3) Jatoi Abdul Sattar, Hidayatullah Mahar,Shaheen Aziz, Mohammad Siddique, FurqanMemon, Akhtar Ali Malik, Sadiq Hussain, Ehsanullah Kaka:”To investigate the optimized conditions of salt bridge for bio-electricity generation from distillery waste water using microbial fuel cell. NUST journal of engineering Sciences Main script [NJES-D-16-173.R2] 2016.
4) Najaf Ali, Mahmood Saleem,Khurram Shazad, Sadiq Hussain,Arshad Chughtai:“ Effect of Operating Parameters on Production of Bio-oil from Fast Pyrolysis of Maize Stalk in Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactor” Polish Journal of Chemical Technology, -manuscript number - PJCT-00170-2015-03 (IF=0.5).
5) Khurram Shehzad,Mahmood Saleem,Mohsin Kazmi, Zulfiqar Ali, Sadiq Hussain “Effect of Hydrodynamic Conditions on Emissions of NOx, SO2 and CO from Co- Combustion of Wheat Straw and Coal under Fast Fluidized Bed Condition” Journal of Combustion Science and Technology 24 May 2016. ISSN: 0010-2202 (Print) 1563-521X (Online) Journal homepage: http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/gcst20 (IF=1).
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1) A paper of the titled: Biomass Gasification Technology a Fuel Source for Internal Combustion Engines. 2nd International Conference on Engineering Sciences at University of the Punjab Lahore year 2015.
2) A research paper of the titled: Thermo Chemical Kinetics of Indigenous Resources Coal and Agricultural Residue. Presented in the national conference held at University of the Punjab Lahore, April 2014.
3) A paper of the titled: Characterization of Indigenous resources of coal and biomass for gasification” Presented at Young Engineers International conference year 2014 conducted by PEC at UET Lahore.
4) A research paper of the title “Thermogravimetric and Kinetic Study on the Pyrolytic Process of Low Grade Thar Coal” presented in the national conference "Energy & Environment-Energy Resources of Pakistan, potential, utilization, conservation and their impact on environment" organized by Department of Energy, Environment Engineering, Quaid-e-Azam University of Engineering Science and Technology. Nawabshah-Sindh in year 2010.
5) A technical paper of the titled “Improving Operational Efficiency of Boilers & Furnaces “presented at International Seminar conducted by HVACR Conference, Karachi, Pakistan year 2010