I take the opportunity of this special occasion of welcoming aspiring young chaps becoming part of the vibrant community of IETIENS and joining their chosen courses in undergraduate and post graduate programs at NFC-IET Multan. My special words of appreciation and gratitude are also extended to the parents and family members who are part of our alumni network and always keen to support the Institute with their valuable advice and professional expertise. The Institute has a cherished tradition serving as a distinguished engineering education provider offering highest numbers of engineering programs in the region of South Punjab. Our services of imparting professional trainings and diverse range of educational activities comprise of an extended period of 25 years of excellence. It is for this strong foundation and an array of experience in learning and teaching that we grow and shape future of our graduates. The challenges what we are struggling hard, to generate ideas that will benefit society, and to educate and train professionals to work in the fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge, and their ability to research, communicate and knowledge application for solving problems. As a Vice Chancellor, I am deeply committed in attracting faculty of high academic ranks and ambitious students dedicated to educational excellence, improving their academic grades, developing and expending multi range of academic programs, ensuring high quality curriculum to produce value added graduates. With such ambitions I can see my dream come true helping nation enjoy a smart and quality life. I wish and assure you, on behalf of NFC-IET community, that the Institute will help the best in pursuing your objectives of life under multi-cultural and social environment at the versatile campus and make your family proud of your attainments.