Engr. Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Amin

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

11 years of experience in the Chemical Industry, Research & Teaching

Professional Affiliations

Pakistan Engineering Council

Recent Featured Publications

1. Muhammad Nadeem Amin, Yi Li, Rauf Razzaq, Chunshan Li, Xingmei Lu and Suojiang Zhang, Pyrolysis of low rank coal by nickel-based zeolite catalysts in the two-staged bed reactor, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2016, 118, pp 54-
2. Muhammad Nadeem Amin, Yi Li, Xingmei Lu, In Situ Catalytic pyrolysis of low rank coal for the conversion of heavy oils into light oils, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 2017, Article ID 5612852, 8 pages (https://doi.org/10.1155/2017/5612852)
3. Yi Li, Muhammad Nadeem Amin, Xingmei Lu, Chunshan Li, Fuqiang ren and Suojiang Zhang, Pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading of low rank coal using a NiO/MgO-Al2O3 catalyst, Chemical Engineering Science, 2016,155, pp 194-200
4. Rauf Razzaq, Chunshan Li, Nadeem Amin, Suojiang Zhang, and Kenzi Suzuki, Co-methanation of carbon oxides over nickel-based CexZr1-xO2 catalyst, Energy & Fuels, 2013, 27 (11), pp 6955-6961
5. Awais Ali, Muhammad Ammar, Ahmad Mukhtar, Toheed Ahmed, Muddassir Ali, Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Nadeem Amin, Aamir Rasheed, 3D NiO nanowires@NiO nanosheets core-shell structures grown on nickel foam for high performance supercapacitor electrode, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2020, 857, pp 113710
6. Muhammad Nadeem Amin, Ashfaq Ahmed, Yi Li, Chunshan Li, Suojiang Zhang, Muhammad Ammar, Young-Kwon Park, Ex-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis of low rank coal over HZSM-5 and modified Mg/HZSM-5 catalysts, International Journal of Energy Research 2022,46, pp 891-899
7. Ashfaq Ahmed, Muhammad Nadeem Amin, Muhammad S. Abu Bakar, Abdul Razzaq, Syarif Hadayat, Farrukh Jamil, Rahayu S. Sukri, Noor S. Shah, Young-Kwon Park, Characterization and thermal behavior study of biomass from invasive Acacia mangium species in Brunei preceding thermochemical conversion, Sustainability 2021, 13 (9), 5249