Student Participation in International Conference

Students from various disciplines of NFC IET Multan participated in 2nd International conference on Physical Sciences and Engineering (ICPSE-2022) at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology (KFUEIT) organized , from 14-16 December 2022. The multi-disciplinary conference attracted abstracts, research articles, and posters from various engineering domains.

A total of 8 groups from various departments of NFC IET Multan participated in poster competition to present their research work.

The conference chair accoladed the scope of the research topics, design and presentation of the posters, as well as the presentation skills of the participants.

Furthermore, the students working under the supervision of Dr. Omer Ali (Electrical Engineering department) received the 1st prize award for presenting the best poster at ICPSE 2022.

The following are the list of projects/posters presented at ICPSE-2022.

Department Topic Supervisor Members
Electrical Engineering Anomaly detection and critical event forecasting on real time air quality data stream Dr. Omer Ali Abdullah, Mudassir, Tayyab, Waris
Chemical Engineering Graphite-based microbial fuel cell- A novel source of bio-electricity generation accompanied by dairy wastewater treatment Dr. Maham Hussain Osama Zafar, Aashan Jabbar, Rohan Naveed, Zubia Asim
Chemical Engineering Optimization of Lithium Adsorption from Seawater via AIC13.6H2O Adsorbent Using Response Surface Dr. Maham Hussain, Dr. Sadiq Hussain Muhammad Suleman Riaz, Muhammad Ibrahim Aslam
Chemical Engineering Characterization of Rice Husk Ash & its Application in Water Based Drilling Fluid for Rheological Evaluation Dr. Maham Hussain Hilal-e-Qadir, Elisha Mehboob, Abdul Hanan, Ali Raza
Chemical Engineering Study of the settling characteristics of a slurry and determination of settling velocity (rates) by performing batch settling test Dr. Maham Hussain Nabeel Bhutta, Maryam Gull Khan, Muhammad Sarfraz, Amir Sohail
Chemical Engineering Thermochemical behaviour and characterization of Wheat Straw & Thar coal via TGA/DTG technology Dr. Maham Hussain Maryam Gull khan Muhammad Abubakar, Talat Jabeen, Khushbu Zahra
Chemical Engineering Kinetic study of Rice Husk using Model free methods Dr. Maham Hussain Saad Mazhar, Syed Basit Latif, Khushbo Zahra
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