Solidarity Walk with Armed forces


Prof. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou (Vice Chancellor, NFC IET Multan) hosted a walk and seminar on Thursday, i.e., 18 May 2023 to show solidarity and support for our courageous armed men and women of our armed forces. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou, leading the peace and solidarity walk said:
“We stand united in unwavering support and deep gratitude for the courageous men and women of our country’s armed forces. Their selflessness, dedication, and sacrifice embody the true spirit of heroism. Together, we honour their unwavering commitment to protecting our nation, safeguarding our freedoms, and ensuring a safer future for all. We salute our armed forces, standing shoulder to shoulder, united in solidarity and gratitude.”

“In times of peace and in times of strife, our country’s armed forces stand as guardians, their unwavering commitment an unyielding beacon of hope. With every step they take, they carry the weight of duty, honour, and sacrifice upon their shoulders, selflessly dedicating themselves to safeguarding our nation’s sovereignty and defending the principles we hold dear.
From the soaring heights of the air to the vast expanses of the sea, and on the rugged terrains that test their resolve, our brave men and women don their uniforms with pride, ready to confront any challenge that may arise. They are the embodiment of resilience, exemplifying courage in the face of adversity, and their unwavering spirit serves as an inspiration to us all.

In times of peril, when darkness threatens to engulf, it is the armed forces that step forward, unwavering in their resolve to protect our land, our values, and our way of life. Their sacrifices, often unseen and underappreciated, reverberate through the annals of history, echoing the tales of bravery, unity, and unwavering loyalty to a cause greater than oneself.
They leave behind the comforts of home, bidding farewell to loved ones, their hearts filled with a sense of duty and a burning desire to serve. They brave the storms, the uncertainty, and the heart-wrenching moments of separation, knowing that their service is integral to the fabric of our nation’s defense.

We stand united, in unyielding solidarity, with our country’s armed forces. We honour their sacrifices, their tireless dedication, and the immense burden they shoulder on our behalf. Their service extends beyond the battlefield, reaching deep into the hearts and souls of the people they protect. Let us not forget that the freedoms we cherish, the peace we enjoy, and the opportunities we pursue are made possible by the steadfast resolve of those who wear the uniform. In our collective gratitude, let us offer our unwavering support, appreciation, and admiration for their unwavering commitment to the values that bind us together as a nation.”

The honorable Vice Chancellor also added that it is these brave men and women who stand as our shields across borders fighting with external enemies. But we must make a very loud and clear statement that inside, it is us, the nation who stand as a shield for our brave and courageous service men. Dr. Akhtar Ali Malik further added that no matter how harsh the political and economic crisis may become, no matter how challenging and testing the times are, the nations who forget their heroes are always lost in the pages of history. The honorable Vice Chancellor while leading the solidarity walk also chanted slogans to strongly condemn the recent attacks on the sanctity, integrity, and the physical violation of the privacy of armed forces. It is to mention that hundreds of students, faculty, and staff members joined the honorable Vice Chancellor and participated in the solidarity walk. The procession marched across the university while holding slogans in support of our armed forces and playing national anthem. Later, in his speech to the attendees the honorable Vice Chancellor strongly opposed the idea of destroying public properties and national treasures, maligning offices and sanctity of institutions. Furthermore, he added, that our religion, constitution, our institution and brave men and women who wear uniforms to protect us are above all of our political beliefs and one must never forget that we are obliged and required to follow the rules and sanctity of them.

Finally, the honorable Vice Chancellor shared his grief regarding the recent violent protests where people torched some of our national treasures including The Jinnah House, Military installations, war planes of our decorated heroes, attack on the integrity of our Shuhada, and the attack on GHQ to name a few. It is alarming that the miscreants spilled the worst of anger, hatred, and violence towards such honorable state institutions and will always be remembered as a black day. Furthermore, the miscreants exhibited their malafied intentions to question the integrity and solemn command of our beloved Army. The honorable Vice Chancellor emphasized the forward vision and resolve of our Army Chief, the honorable General Syed Asim Munir, who led his Army with honour and did not take any hard action against the miscreants even in such testing times and hostile environment. Prof. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou further added that he is very optimistic that our Army will handle these challenging situations with professional integrity and as per the constitution of this great country. In addition to that, the honorable Vice Chancellor also stated that such acts of terror, violence, and mutiny shall be dealt with iron hands to bring the culprits under law and make an exemplary statement for all hostile elements, both within and outside Pakistan.

While addressing the audience, Prof. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou also shared some highlights on the charisma, integrity, and service of the great M.M.Alam during 1965. He further added that it is condemnable that a few handfuls decided to torch down our symbols of pride. However, no matter how malafied their intentions were, they cannot succeed in their vile intentions. Therefore, the honorable Vice Chancellor named the main university gateway in the name of the great M.M.Alam. The Vice Chancellor added that NFC IET Multan has established itself as the leading engineering institute of southern Punjab region focusing only on quality education, its self-sustainability, and always distancing itself from any form and shape of political bias and violence. The honorable Vice Chancellor mentioned that under his leadership NFC IET Multan will continue to do so and will only thrive to serve this great country and its countrymen. Finally, the honorable Vice Chancellor concluded his speech by motivating the students to always work for a logical, rational, and righteous cause which is in line with our religion, our belief, our constitution and with our actions that will enable the progress and prosperity of our beloved country.

Next, after the honorable Vice Chancellor’s address, a number of speakers including the principal officers, and department heads also shared their views on the current events that took place on 9th May 2023. The entire NFC IET family observed a moment of silence to register their support with our armed forces and to strongly detest any violent and hateful act of terror towards our beloved country and its institutions. Finally, the audience gave a standing ovation to the righteous vision of the honorable Vice Chancellor for leading the solidarity walk which revitalized the unconditional love and support for our Armed forces. The attendees pledged their unwavering support and allegiance to our brave, courageous and respectful brothers and sisters in uniforms.

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