Prof. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou - Vice Chancellor, NFC IET Multan

The honorable Vice Chancellor NFC IET Multan (Prof. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou) addressed the entire faculty and staff of the institute today, i.e., 5th May 2023, to talk about the major development and economic conditions of the country, and its impact on all public sector organizations.

The honorable Vice Chancellor discussed the current economic situation of the country and stressed upon the need and significance of combined effort to help steer our beloved country out of these challenging times.

Furthermore, the competent authority added that instead of imposing additional taxes on public based on IMF directions, the most prudent action is to provide relaxation and subsidies that will ensure a prompt and effective economic revival.

The Vice Chancellor emphasized that the long-term goals can only be met by forward thinking, and by strictly taking every step on merit alone.

In this regard the Vice Chancellor shared some key highlights of the 2023-2024 budget for NFC IET Multan, which focuses on a balanced approach to execute austerity measures as well as the most needed contributions towards the development and growth of the institute.

While discussing the financial matters, the honorable Vice Chancellor also detailed the progress on the on-going Civil Projects worth PKR 550 million, the estimated completion time and its projected impact on the betterment of the institute.

The competent authority further addressed the attendees by announcing the increase in the salaries of all permanent employees as per the Government of Pakistan policies, where a 15% increase in salaries will be implemented effective from 1st July 2022.

The honorable Vice Chancellor also congratulated the contractual employees who will be awarded a 5-10%increase in their salaries.

Similarly, the competent authority announced an increase of 5-10% in the salaries of the employees on daily wages as well. In addition to that, the medical allowance for contractual and daily wages employees was also announced.

The honorable Vice Chancellor reiterated the impact of the harsh economic conditions of the country and his commitment to facilitate the institute in every possible manner, wherever allowed by the rules.

In this regard, the competent authority also announced a reduction in student tuition fee for the students. It is believed that these measures will greatly help the parents during these challenging times and will also enable a more inclusive and meritorious system in the institute.

It was also mentioned that despite the on-going civil projects, salary increments (PKR 40 million per annum), medical allowances (PKR 2.5 million per annum) and reduction in student’s tuition fee (PKR 4 million this fiscal year), and the award of two ex gratias for both EIDs, amounting over 15 million PKR (as per the previous practice of last 10 years), NFC IET Multan witnessed a 57.79 million surplus budget in (2023 – 2024), which is 3.3 million more as compared to the previous year (2022 – 2023).

It is pertinent to mention that despite the on-going civil projects of PKR 550 million, and the said allowances (as discussed above), it is projected that on 1st July 2024 NFC IET Multan will maintain its fixed reserves as that of 1st July 2022.

The facilitations and value additions while maintaining the institute’s fixed reserves is a clear indication of detailed planning, transparent execution of funds, and carefully curated long-term planning for the betterment of the institute.

In addition to the detailed economic roadmap for the institute, the honorable Vice Chancellor also discussed other important matters that involves faculty promotion.

In this regard, the competent authority announced the promotion of all eligible faculty members (as directed by HEC policy, as well as NFC IET Multan’s act) through selection board.

Furthermore, it was announced that the new advertisements for permanent faculty positions are to be announced that will not only add capacity to the core faculty strength, but at the same time will also provision the eligible faculty members to compete for the positions.

The attendees appreciated the honest efforts by the worthy Vice Chancellor and his team to provide opportunities, and a fair chance for all faculty members to progress in their careers.

Finally, the honorable Vice Chancellor leading the institute in a professional manner, briefly discussed a few practices and reforms for the growth and betterment of the institute, elimination of corrupt practices, and struggle to establish a transparent and fair system for establishing a self-sustained model.