Prince Muhammad Isa Jan Baloch (Pro-Chancellor, NFC IET Multan) visited the Institute


Prince Muhammad Isa Jan Baloch (Pro-Chancellor, NFC IET Multan) visited the institute today, i.e., Tuesday 9th May 2023 for a one-day visit. The honorable Vice Chancellor (Prof. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou) along with his principal officers and key officials received the honorable Pro-Chancellor.

In his visit the honorable Pro-Chancellor visited various facilities of the institute and monitored the progress of on-going Civil projects (550 million). The honorable Pro-Chancellor conveyed his satisfaction on the current development, progress, and the estimated completion of these projects that will enable NFC IET Multan to add capacity and enhance its existing facilities. The honorable Pro-Chancellor also admired and appreciated the forward thinking and long-term vision of the honorable Vice Chancellor. In his address, the Pro-Chancellor appreciated the dynamicity of the institute’s leadership which enabled exemplary growth over the past 10 years.

Later, the honorable Pro-Chancellor was briefed about the current progress and the comprehensive roadmap of the institute. The honorable Vice Chancellor detailed the premier regarding the current state-of-the art of the institute, the on-going civil projects, recent dynamic initiatives to facilitate the entire faculty, staff, and students at the institute, as well as the reforms that will shape up the future of NFC IET Multan. These reforms are the cardinals of good governance practices where collective decision-making, austerity measures, revenue enhancements, transparency, and rewards-based system enabled the self-sustainability of the institute. The honorable Vice Chancellor also highlighted some of the major reforms that enabled cost-cutting and revenue generation for the institute, including:

  • Constitution of transport committee to enforce transparency and cost-cutting.
  • Student Bus route optimization for cost-cutting.
  • Annual Industrial Tours planning for cost-cutting.
  • Timetable optimization for effective utilization of institute’s resources
  • Constitution of event management committee to enforce transparency and cost-cutting.
  • Institute-wide resources management and the constitution of indent management committee to regulate strict policies that ensure transparency and helps to achieve austerity measures.

During the session, the competent authority shared the current assets and figures with the honorable Pro-Chancellor. The honorable Vice Chancellor informed that upon joining the institute the assets of the institute were estimated at PKR 270 million (book value) which now stand at a book value of PKR 1250 million and the estimated market value at PKR 5000 million. Furthermore, the fixed reserves in 2012 were PKR 680 million that are now increased to PKR 810 million (as per 2022 audit report). In addition to that, the reserves for NFC IET Welfare trust have also increased from PKR 10 million to PKR 40 million.

The honorable Vice Chancellor also mentioned that a 15% increase in salaries for all permanent employees was also awarded (as per the Government of Pakistan directives). Furthermore, a (5-10%) increase in salaries of daily wages and contractual employees, and medical to these low paid employees (amounting to PKR 2.5 million) was also announced. This amounted to a sum of PKR 42.5 million. Furthermore, in order to facilitate our students in these harsh economic times, a 5% reduction in fee for this year was also announced, which sums up to PKR 4.5 million. Furthermore, as per the previous practice of last ten years, the ex-gratia (for two EIDs) will be continued that sums up to over PKR 20 million. Together, these measures were taken for the benefit of all Faculty, staff, and students that sums up to a total figure of PKR 67 million. The honorable Vice Chancellor also highlighted that despite taking these dynamic and revolutionary measures the current surplus budget for (2023 – 2024) is PKR 57.795 million, which is still PKR 3.35 million more as compared to previous budget of the fiscal year (2022 – 2023). Finally, the competent authority also announced the constitution of a selection board for all eligible faculty members as per HEC policies and university policies. The honorable Vice Chancellor also mentioned that a new advertisement for permanent faculty positions is also under way. In addition to the regular appointments, the honorable Vice Chancellor also emphasized the need for the regularization of the contractual and daily wages staff that are already serving the institute. In this regard, said matter is already included in the institute’s Senate agenda and it is soon to be materialized through the due official process. The honorable Vice Chancellor summarized that these critical measures were needed to facilitate our employees and students that will help to revitalize the institute in the longer run.

Later, the honorable Pro-Chancellor (Prince Muhammad Isa Jan Baloch) was accompanied by the honorable Vice Chancellor and his entire team on the visit of the institute. The honorable Pro-Chancellor first visited the Civil Engineering department which is named after his late father, the honorable Mir Ahmed Yar Khan (The Khan of Kalat). The honorable Mir Ahmad Yar Khan (late) was a loyal friend, a close aide, and a trusted council who stood by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (R.A) throughout the entire Independence movement. The honorable Mir Ahmad Yar Khan was amongst the few notable figures who materialized the independence movement and worked tirelessly for the Independence of our beloved Pakistan. His services to Pakistan, both during the independence movement and after the independence are exemplary. Furthermore, his dynamic leadership and unwavering services to the Balochistan region are beyond measures and are truly a paragon of virtue and nobility. It was a moment of great honor and pride when the honorable Pro-Chancellor visited the Civil Engineering Department and its associated facilities and appreciated the state-of-the-art of the laboratories and teaching facilities and acknowledged the comprehensive growth of these departments. Next, the honorable Pro-Chancellor also visited the department of Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture Design, and Fashion Design and appreciated the modern resources and facilities. Finally, newly established FM radio station, transportation facilities, student service centres and hostels were also visited.

While addressing the meeting attendees, the honorable Pro-Chancellor once again re-iterated the significance of science and technology for the growth and development of our beloved country and the importance of self-sustained technological institutes in less developed regions of the country. The honorable Pro-Chancellor mentioned that steering the institute from its status; where being the smallest technological institute in 2012 to the largest and most reputed technological institute of the region in 2023 clearly endorses the dynamic leadership, hard work, and meticulous planning of Prof. Dr. Malik Akhtar Ali Kalrou and dedicated work of his team. Furthermore, Prince Muhammad Isa Jan Baloch (The honorable Pro-Chancellor) expressed his full confidence and support for the honorable Vice Chancellor (NFC IET Multan) stating that he trusts Vice Chancellor’s abilities to handle every challenging task with utmost professionalism and devotion. The premier further added that he is confident that under the Vice Chancellor’s leadership NFC IET Multan will reach all its proposed targets and will excel and exceed expectations.

Finally, the honorable Vice Chancellor presented a shield of honour as a token of appreciation to the honorable Pro-Chancellor for his dynamic and unmatched support for the institute. The honorable Vice Chancellor added that the current state of the institute, its growth, forward thinking policies and its implementation could not have been possible without the unwavering support of the honorable Pro-Chancellor that ensured that this institute continues to thrive and grow. It is this dynamic leadership, support and wisdom that helped the honorable Vice Chancellor to create a sense of unity and purpose among the objectives, team members, and unified actions of all our integral components of this institute.


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