Engr. Dr. Muhammad Rizwan

Assistant Professor
Engr. Dr. Muhammad Rizwan
Ph.D. (Chem. Engg.) South Korea
M.Sc. (Chem. Engg.) South Korea
B.Sc. (Chem. Engg.)
14 year's experience in chemical industry, research & teaching

Professional Affiliations

Pakistan Engineering Council

Recent Publications

1) Rizwan Sheikh, Godlisten N. Shao, Zakir Khan, Nadir Abbas, Hee-Taik Kim, Yeung-Ho Park “Esterification of oleic acid by heteropolyacid/TiO2-SiO2 catalysts synthesized from less expensive precursors”, Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering. 10 (2015) 339. (Impact factor: 1.238)
2) Rizwan Sheikh, Moo-Seok Choi, Jun-Seop Im, and Yeung-Ho Park, “Study on the solid acid catalysts in biodiesel production from high acid value oil” Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry- Elsevier. 19 (2013) 1413. (Impact factor : 4.421)
3) Hee-Yong Shin, Seung-Hwan An, Rizwan Sheikh, Yeung-Ho Park, Seong-Youl Bae, “Transesterification of used vegetable oils with a Cs-doped heteropolyacid catalyst in supercritical methanol” Fuel- Elsevier. 96 (2012) 572. (Impact factor : 4.601)
4) Godlisten N. Shao, Rizwan Sheikh, Askwar Hilonga, Jae Eun Lee, Yeung-Ho Park, Hee-Taik Kim, “Biodiesel production by sulfated mesoporous titania-silica catalysts synthesized by the sol-gel process from less expensive precursors” Chemical Engineering Journal- Elsevier. 215-216 (2012) 600. (Impact factor : 6.216)
5) Sung-Hyun Ahn, Moo-Seok Choi, Jun-Seop Im, Rizwan Sheikh and Yeung-Ho Park, “Improved method for immobilization of a chiral complex on PTA/alumina for asymmetric hydrogenation of β-ketoester” Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical- Elsevier. 373 (2013) 55. (Impact factor : 4.045)
6) Sung-Hyun Ahn, Sung-Ho Lee, Moo-Seok Choi, Jun-Seop Im, Rizwan Sheikh, Deun-Hee Cho and Yeung-Ho Park, “Polymerization of ethylene over Cp2ZrCl2 catalyst supported on montmorillonite” Applied Chemistry for Engineering. 24 (2013) 55. (Scopus Indexed)
7) Seong-En Kim, Sang-Lin Lee, Sin-Choon Kang, I-Cheol Kim, Rizwan Sheikh, and Yeong-Ho Park, “A study on electrochemical regeneration of waste iron chloride etchant and copper recovery” Clean Technology. 18 (2012) 183. (Scopus Indexed)
8) Javed Iqbal, Zulfiqar Ali, Murid Hussain, Rizwan Sheikh, Khaliq Majeed, Asad U Khan, Joachim Ulrich, “Formation of Crystalline particles from phase change emulsion: Influence of different parameter” Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering. 24 (2015) 926 (Impact factor : 1.174)
9) Murid Hussain, Parveen Akhter, Javed Iqbal, Zulfiqar Ali, Wenshu Yang, Nasir Shehzad, Khaliq Majeed, Rizwan Sheikh, Um-e-Salma Amjad, Nunzio Russo, “VOCs Photocatalytic abatement using Nanostructured Titania-Silica Catalysts” Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 5 (2017) 3100.
10) Zakir Khan, Suzana Yusup, Murni M Ahmad, Abrar Inayat, Muhammad Naqvi, Rizwan Sheikh, and Ian Watson, “Integrated catalytic adsorption steam gasification in a bubbling fluidized bed for enhanced H2 production: Perspective of design and pilot plant experiences” Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Impact factor: 3.694) (Accepted)
11) Hira Tahir, Laura Waters, Talib Hussain, Abid Mehmood Yousaf, Tariq Mahmood, Rizwan Sheikh, Yasser Shahzad, “Impact of Processing methods on the dissolution of artemether from two non-ordered mesoporous silicas” Eupropean Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Accepted) (Impact factor : 3.756)
12) Sidra Saeed, Muhammad Ghori, Tariq Mahmood, Abid Mehmood Yousaf, Rizwan Sheikh, Syed Rizvi, Yasser Shahzad, “Influence of Polymer ratio and surfactants on controlled drug release from cellulosic microsponges” International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Accepted) (Impact factor : 3.671)
13) Sikander Rafiq, Rizwan Sheikh, Asim Laeeq Khan, Asad U. Khan, “Recent Trends in Efficient CO2 separation- A Review” Journal of Applied Polymer Science (Submitted)
14) Mazhar Amjad Gilani, sobia Tabassum, Urooj Gul, Tariq Mahmood, Abdul rahman Alharthi, Mshari A. Alotaibi, Mohammed Geesi, Rizwan Sheikh, Khurshid Ayub “Copper Doped Al12N12 Nano-cages: Potential Candidates for Nonlinear Optical Materials” Applied Physics A: Material Science and Processing 124 (2018) 14. (Impact Factor: 1.455)
15) Usama Shakeel, Rizwan Sheikh, Ibrahim M.H. Maafa, Muhammad Shahid Nazir, Nasir Shehzad, Parveen Akhter, Murid Hussain, “Synthesis, modification and characterization of KIT-6 supported mesoporous solid acid catalyst for esterification of oleic acid” Journal of Porous Materials (Submitted) (Impact factor: 1.858)
1) Rizwan Sheikh, Yeung-Ho Park, “Studies on the solid acid catalyst in biodiesel production from waste cooking oil” 6th Asia Pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Symposium, Beijing, China on 18th September, 2011.
2) Rizwan Sheikh, Yeung-Ho Park, “Cs salt of heteropolyacid supported on silica as a catalyst for biodiesel production” 44th KSIEC Meeting at Gachon University, South Korea on 2-4th November, 2011.
3) Nadir Abbas, Rizwan Sheikh, Yeung-Ho Park, Hee-Taik Kim “Magnetically recoverable heterogeneous acid catalyst for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil” Spring meeting of Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) held in Gwang-ju, South Korea on 9th and 10th of May 2012.