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Mathematics is the study and investigation of structure, quantity, and space. It deals with the comprehension of fundamental applications of mathematical strategies that are applied to general concepts outside the extent of theoretical mathematics. Our program helps students acquire analytical skills, purposeful abilities and competencies in Mathematic. The program is designed to inculcate in-depth knowledge about trigonometry, geometry, calculus and other numerous theories in mathematics. The entire course ensures planned and targeted attributes achievement in our graduates.
F.Sc., A-level/equivalent, F.A. with Mathematics securing minimum 45% marks.
As per HEC approved
With the rise of education sector in the country, demand of students graduated in the subject of basic sciences is increasing day by day. Based upon a recently conducted academic survey in the country, number of students applying in the subjects of basic sciences in different public and private sector universities are almost double than the seats allocated for their admissions in respective institutions. This is due to growing job opportunities for basic sciences graduates in the recent years. IET having good infrastructure and excellent labs and class room facilities available in Engineering Departments
The Department is well equipped with laboratories and facilities that are very conducive to learning and research, which allows students and researchers to integrate the principles of petroleum engineering. Numerous computer labs are available to apply and practice the principles taught in traditional classwork through our specialized laboratories .

Faculty at NFC-IET have impeccable qualifications, extensive expertise and experience in their chosen fields and an overriding commitment to the welfare of their students. Our faculty is one of the biggest reasons why students select NFC-IET. The faculty is actively involved in ongoing research in various sub-fields of Mathematics and has produced many good quality research papers in international journals and conference in the last few years.


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