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The Bachelor's degree of Architecture at NFC IET Multan, introduces the various sub fields for architects. The scope of the program is broad. In five years, students will learn all the basic skills and techniques combining theory and design with latest technological advances. Student's own creativity and spatial insight play a major role in this. Various design projects, both individually and in groups, will help them to learn about the way technology, culture and the living environment interact with each other.
Students will develop analytical and creativity skills along-with spatial aptitude and will benefit from the practical expertise of specialists alongside research active lecturers, who provide a rich and stimulating environment in which to study architecture. We combine traditional lecture-based teaching with workshop and design studio sessions.
Architects can work in different public and private sectors.
These include:
  • Academia
  • Private Practice
  • Building Projects
  • Design Consultancy
  • Research Institutes
  • Conservation and Rehabilitation Projects
Faculty at NFC-IET have impeccable qualifications, extensive expertise and experience in their chosen fields and an overriding commitment to the welfare of their students. Our faculty is one of the biggest reasons why students select NFC-IET.
-Engr .M. Emran Qureshi
-Ar. S. Mahwish Zahra (MPCATP)
-Ar. Muhammad Ashfaq (MPCATP)
-Ar. Rashid Adil (MPCATP)
-Ar.Ahmed Fraz (MPACTP)
-Ar.Usama Farooq (MPCATP)
-Ar. Mohsin Iqbal Deo (MPCATP)
-Ar. Muhammad Israr Ali
Computer Graphics Lab
The computer graphics lab is located in the Department of Architecture. The facility has a total capacity of 50 students and is the best equipped in the NFC-IET. The lab is utilized for many training programs conducted for students. The computers are fully optimized to run the latest versions of drafting, rendering, image & video editing software. Lab is further supplemented by the following equipment such as plotter, multimedia podium rostrum, sound system, internet facility.
Departmental Library
The later years of architectural education at NFC-IET focus on urban and philosophical issues related to the field of architecture. Identity through architecture, sense of ownership and propriety, role of traditions in the face of impending globalization, conservation/ adaptive re-use of historical buildings, urban growth patterns and holistic policy making are some of the key questions that future leading professionals must seek an answer to; and the rigorous course structure connecting studios to architecture history, archeology and preservation, research, participatory design and documentation techniques ensures that our prospective graduates are best suited to take on principal subjects studied by NFC-IET under graduates.
Extracurricular Activities
Your education goes well beyond your coursework. Extracurricular activities can form a vital part of your experience here at NFC-IET, creating unique opportunities for learning. Industrial tours, site visits and educational tours are organized to enhance the exposure of students. Workshops on various subjects are also often conducted in the department.