• Dr. Adnan Raheel

Engr. Dr. Adnan Raheel

Associate Professor/ MS Program Coordinator
Department of Civil Engineering
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
M.Sc. in Civil Engineering
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
12-years experience in research
industry & teaching.

Professional Affiliations

• Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), USA
• Member, The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT), UK
• Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
• Member, International Association of Engineers (IAE), Hong Kong
• Registered, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Recent Publications

Shah, S. A. R., Kahla, N. B., Atig, M., Anwar, M. K., Azab, M., & Mahmood, A. (2023). Optimization of fresh and mechanical properties of sustainable concrete composite containing ARGF and fly ash: An application of response surface methodology. Construction and Building Materials, 362, 129722.
Shah, S.A.R.; Azab, M.; Seif ElDin, H.M.; Barakat, O.; Anwar, M.K.; Bashir, Y. Predicting Compressive Strength of Blast Furnace Slag and Fly Ash Based Sustainable Concrete Using Machine Learning Techniques: An Application of Advanced Decision-Making Approaches. Buildings 2022, 12, 914. .
Ghafoor, S.; Hameed, A.; Shah, S.A.R.; Azab, M.; Faheem, H.; Nawaz, M.F.; Iqbal, F. (2022) Development of Construction Material Using Wastewater: An Application of Circular Economy for Mass Production of Bricks. Materials 2022, 15, 2256.
Anwar, M.K.; Shah, S.A.R.; Azab, M.; Shah, I.; Chauhan, M.K.S.; Iqbal, F. (2022) Structural Performance of GFRP Bars based High-Strength RC Columns: An Application of Advanced Decision-Making Mechanism for Experimental Profile Data. Buildings 2022, 12, 611
Mushtaq F, Huang Z, Shah SAR, Zhang Y, Gao Y, Azab M, Hussain S, Anwar MK. (2022) Performance Optimization Approach of Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixtures with PET and PE Wastes: A Safety Study for Utilizing Eco-Friendly Circular Economy-Based SDGs Concepts. Polymers. 2022; 14(12):2493.
Shah SAR, Ahmad H, Alhazmi H, Anwar MK, Iqbal F. (2021). Utilization of Self-Consolidated Green Material for Sustainable Development: An Environment-Friendly Waste Materials Application for Circular Economy. Polymers. 2021; 13(17):2985
Nawaz, A., Shah, S. A. R., Su, X., Dar, A. A., Qin, Z., & Albasher, G. (2021). Analytical strategies to sense water stress level: An analysis of groundwater fluctuations sensing SDGs under pandemic scenario. Chemosphere, 132924.
Raza A, Shah SAR, Alhazmi H, Abrar M, Razzaq S. (2021) Strength Profile Pattern of FRP-Reinforced Concrete Structures: A Performance Analysis through Finite Element Analysis and Empirical Modeling Technique. Polymers. 2021; 13(8):1265.
Anwar MK, Shah SAR, Alhazmi H. (2021) Recycling and Utilization of Polymers for Road Construction Projects: An Application of the Circular Economy Concept. Polymers. 2021; 13(8):1330.