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Eligibility Criteria

Program Required Qualification Minimum Marks Entry Test
B.Sc. Engineering Program F.Sc. Pre Engineering (Pysics, Chemistry, Math) or D.A.E. in relevant Dscipline on reserved seats 60% in F.S.c or D.A.E ECAT/NAT/NFC IET Entry Test
B.Architecture F.Sc. Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, ICS, General Science or DAE (Civil/ Architecture) on Reserved Seats 50% aggregate (Intermediate+ DAT) NFC IET Test Only
BS (Computer Science) & BBA F.Sc. Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, ICS, General Science or DAE 50% in Intermediate/ICS/DAE (for BS Computer Science), and 45% marks in Intermediate/ICS/ICOM/DAE for BBA ECAT/NAT/NFC IET Entry Test
BS Bio-Medical Engineering Technology F.Sc. Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, ICS, General Science or DAE in Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical 50% in F.Sc. or D.A.E. ECAT/NAT/NFC IET Entry Test
Physics & Chemistry Science or DAE in relevant fields 45% in F.Sc. or DAE NFC IET Entry Test
BD Fashion Design, BS Criminology Intermediate, ICS, F.A. or General Science 45% in Intermediate ECAT/NAT/NFC IET Entry Test
BS Food Science & Technology Intermediate, ICS, General Science, DAE in Food Technology 50% in Intermediate ECAT/NAT/NFC IET Entry Test

Please Note

  • (i) In case any candidate did not attempted ECAT or NAT test, he shall be provided an opportunity to appear in NFC-IET Entry Test.
    (ii) In case any candidate attempted both ECAT or NAT Test, the higher score shall be considered for merit determination.
    (iii) In case Intermediate Level (Higher Secondary School) certificate or equivalent is granted on the previous year/years examination any fraction of his/her % shall be counted as whole number subject to the condition that he/she had obtained minimum of 70% in his/her matric.
    (iv) Students from other than Punjab can provide Entry Test of main UETs of their provinces/region(for detail contact Admission Cell)



Sr. No. Engineering Programs Relevant Dsciplines
1 Civil Engineering i. Civil
ii. Land & Mine Surveying
iii. Architecture
2 Mechanical Engineering i. Mechanical
ii. Mechanical (Power)
iii. Mechanical (Production)
iv. Precision Mechanical & Instrument
V. Auto & Diesel Technology
vi. Dies & Mould
vii. Automation
viii. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
3 Electrical Engineering

–       Power

–       Electronics

–       Computer

i. Electrical
ii. Telecommunication
iii. Electronics
iv. Avionics
V. Instrumentation
vi. Information Technology
vii. Precision Mechanical & Instrument
4 Chemical Engineering i. Chemical
ii. Chemical Processing Technology
iii. Chemical (Sugar Technology)
iv. Petrochemical
V. Petroleum
5 Petroleum & Gas Engineering i. Chemical
ii. Petrochemical
iii. Petroleum
6 Energy Systems Engineering i. Electrical
ii. Electronics
iii. Telecommunication
iv. Mechanical (Power)
V. Chemical
vi. Radar Technology
vii. Automation
7 Environment Engineering i. Civil
ii. Electrical
iii. Chemical
iv. Mechanical
V. Petroleum
vi. Petrochemical

Choice of Disciplines

Candidate will have to mention his/ her preference for different programs. In case candidate is interested in only one or two of the programs then he/ she should indicate on the application form accordingly. Preference once given will not be ordinarily changed except in inevitable cases provided merit is not disturbed. A re-processing fee of PKR. 1000 will have to be paid in each case. Please put a cross (X) against discipline in which you are not interested.

Category “A” through “J”

It is based on comparative merit against domicile of candida te . The candidates applying on these categories must submit an attested copy of their domicile certificate along with the application form; otherwise their application form will be rejected. For Category-H (Balochistan) candidates who are under 21 years of age must submit an attested copy of domicile certificate of their father showing the candidates name and age along with the application form, failing which their application form will be rejected. Those applying against B categories must also apply against category ‘A’.

Category “K” (Foreigners/Overseas Pakistanis)

It is based on comparative merit irrespective of Nationality or domicile. Foreign Nationals can also apply against this category and are required to provide proof of equivalence of their qualifications and also clearance from Economic Affair Division, Govt. of Pakistan.

Candidate with Pakistani nationality applying on overseas category (K) shall have to provide copy of Passport with valid working visa of his/her parents/Guardian or real brother/sister and submit it along with the application form failing which he/she not be considered for admission on category “K” overseas.

Overseas Fee for Engineering & BS programs are as follows:

Program Fee
B.Sc. Civil & Mechanical Engg Rs. 500,000
B.Sc. Electrical, Chemical Engineering Rs. 300,000
B.Sc. Energy Systems, Petroleum Engineering and BSCS Rs. 200,000
B.Architecture, B.Sc Environment Engg. & Biomedial Engg. TechnologyS Rs. 100,000
BS Chemical Technology Rs. 50,000
All other programs 75,000


  • 1. Candidate in this category will pay above mention fee plus Normal Fee of the programs and Govt. Taxes as per FBR policies.
    2. Candidate with D.A.E. qualification could not apply in this category.

Category “L” Candidates holding DAE

Candidates with qualification in respective technology with at least 60% marks are eligible to apply against this seat only. However for Technologies and Sciences programs DAE holder may apply against any seat.

Category “N” (Professional Engineers)

It is also based on comparative merit within the category. Valid registration of Pakistan Engineering Council is required from father/Mother in order of priority of candidate applying against category “N”.

Category “O “

These seats are reserved for real sons/daughters, real bro thers/sisters , real nephew/nieces (son and Daughter of real brother and sister) and nephew/nieces (son and daughter of first cousins) in order of priority of NFC IET regular/Deputation/ Contract basis, working/ex-Employees in order of priority. Minimum Service for in service employee/Ex-employee is 5 years of service at NFC IET Multan. Candidates must fill in Performa (available at Admission Cell of NFC IET) and submit it along with the application form. Also such application should be duly signed by the IET Employee and verified by Registrar.

Category “P”

Reserved for nominee of children of employee of armed forces. GHQ shall nominate the candidates for admission after verification of their credentials which shall be sent to admission committee for final approval two weeks before commencement of class work.

a. All nominations on category of “P” should be received two weeks before start of class work, otherwise IET reserved the right to fill these seats amongst the remaining candidates of Categories.
b. Candidates applying against category M, N, O & P seats must also apply against respective provincial open seats.
c. For “O” category fee of real son or the daughter of employee will be normal fee and for all other nominees will be self-supporting fee.

Category “Q”

(B.Tech (Hons) & BS Technology) For admission against seats reserved for B.Tech (Hons) & B.S. Technologies the applicant should have passed the DAE. examination from a Board of Technical Education in the relevant technology with 60% Marks or F.Sc. Pre Engineering with 60% Marks. The seats reserved in this category are on all Pakistan bases in engineering programs. Candidate admitted in this category are eligible for admission to 3 Semester of B.Sc. Engineering in relevant discipline . Such candidates wait for start of 3rd Semester in the session in which he/she admitted.

Category “R”

These seats are reserved for real son/daughter of Advocate. It is also based on comparative merit within the category. Valid registration of Pakistan Bar Council is required from father/Mother in order of priority of candidate applying against category “R”.

Category “S”

(Self Supporting) Some seats are offered on self-support basis. The eligibility for Self-finance seats is payment of under noted schedule in addition to meeting other eligibility conditions. This amount is not refunded in case of candidate is offered admission against the category.
Fee for Engineering & BS programs are as same as of category "K":

Application Procedure

The application form for all programs are enclosed as in a prospectus. The candidate may apply against many categories as he/she desires. In such case he/she must indicate preference on the application form.

Un-Utilized Seats

Decision regarding un-utilized seats in each category shall be made by the admission committee.

Variation in Seats

The Admission Committee may exercise their right at any time to increase or decrease the number of seats allocated to any category or create/abolish any category and there shall be no appeal against such a decision. Rules applicable to admission will also be applicable to such variation.

Equivalent Examinations

The following examinations are considered as equivalent to the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination with Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics of the Pakistan boards of intermediate and secondary education:

1. Intermediate (Pre-engineering) examinations of the board of intermediate and secondary Education, Azad Kashmir.
2. Cambridge Overseas Higher Secondary Certificate with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
3. British General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) with physics, chemistry and Mathematics.
4. F.Sc . (Pre-Medical) with mathematics as an additional subject.
5. 12th Grade of American school.

Provisions about admission on the basis of B.Sc. degree

Given the qualifications and restrictions stated below, a person who is not over age, is eligible for admission to the Bachelor’s course at IET on the basis of degree of Bachelor of Science. A person possessing a B.Sc. degree is  NOT  eligible  for  admission  to  the  Bachelor  degree engineering course at the IET unless he has also passed  F.Sc. (pre-engineering) securing at least 60% marks.

Scope of Eligibility for B.Sc.’s with F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering)

For admission to the B.Sc. course in engineering an applicant may have passed B.Sc. examination with any combination.

Age Restrictions Criteria

A candidate must not have attained the age given below on the last date fixed for receipt of applications for admission to all undergraduate disciplines:

i. 26 years (On the basis of FSc or equivalent).
ii. 28 years (On the basis of Bsc).
iii. 42 years (On the basis of DAE, B.Tech (Hon) or B.S. Technology)

Employee Candidates

Employed candidates shall have to take full leave from their organization and provide NOC for confirmation of admission.

Medical Fitness

All candidates will furnish a certificate from a registered medical practitioner, declaring that they do not have any serious disease with may be harmful to them or others during the course of their studies at IET.

    for purposes of admission to the bachelor degree courses and the determination of merit the following examination are treated at par;
  1. F.Sc. (pre-engineering)
  2. Cambridge overseas Higher School Certificate with physics, chemistry and mathematics
  3. British General Certificate of Education (advance level physics, chemistry and mathematics). The comparative merits of the applicant are determined on the basis of marks obtained by them in these examinations plus marks obtained in entry test.

Highest percentage of marks counted

If an applicant has passed more than one of the above examinations/Entry Test, his position on the merit list is determined on the basis of the examination in which he has the highest Percentage of the marks

Deduction of marks For examination passed by part/subject improved

If an applicant has passed an examination by parts or subject improve, (10) marks has deducted from his aggregate marks. While determining his/her merit

Merits of F.Sc .’s (Pre-Medical) with Mathematics

in determining the merit of an applicant having F.S c. (Pre Medical) with mathematic as an additional subject

a) It is deemed that he has passed the examination by parts as such 10 marks shall be detected from his/her aggregate marks for the determination of his/her merit.
b) The marks obtained in the subject of biology are replaced by those obtained in the Mathematics.

Merits of 12th Grade of American School

To determine the merit of applicant who has passed the 12th grade of the American (with mathematics, physics, and chemistry) the aggregate marks obtained by him are reduced to 85/100 (as per IBCC equivalent)

Merits of B.Tech (Hons) Through Semester System

Candidates having passed their B.Tech (Hons) degree through semester system must get their CGPA’s converted to %age marks from their respective institutes. The %age marks shall be multiplied by 0.85 to calculate the marks for the merit list. Candidate who submit their CGPA’s without getting them converted to %age marks shall not be considered for admission on B.Tech (Hons) basis.


Credit for Hafiz-e-Quran

A Hafiz-e-Quran will be credited 20 marks for determining the overall merits. A certificate from recognized institution and passing oral test arranged by NFC IET Multan is required.

Determination of merits in case of equal percentage of admission marks

If two or more applicant have equal percentage of marks (upto three places of decimal) in the comparative merit, the order of merit between them shall be determined in following preferences:

1) Matriculation marks.
2) Age (candidate older in age being treated as Higher in merit)

Entry Test

• NFC-IET will organize its own Entry Test. Schedule of Entry Test see at the end.
• Forall programmes, ECAT (conducted by UET, Lahore) or NAT (conducted by NTS).
• B-Architechture Program department aptitude test conducted in NFC-IET.
• For LLB program LAT test conducted by HEC.
• If a student attempted more than one Entry Test, highest
%age will be counted to merit determination.