Our BS in Computer Science program is structured in such a way that every activity enhances not only student learning in the subject area but also individual development. Our commitment is to give students the best possible educational experience by providing them with a challenging learning environment which will prepare  them for a rewarding and fulfilling career.  Courses are designed in accordance with upto date international standards and in relevance with the current research and industry activities of the region.  The department provides a stimulating, productive, and friendly environment for learning and exploration.  It enables faculty and students to accomplish their full potential.

Students at NFC IET, are offered courses in Information Engineering & Management, Computer Networks and Communication Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Computer Science, Multimedia Systems, Digital Image Processing and Distributed Computing.  We aim to attract students who possess the requisite intellectual caliber, desire to excel, have stamina for hard work, and a commitment to self-development.  Our mission is to prepare highly skilled technical cohorts having academic knowledge with dynamism of exposure to practical and business scenario.

Career Choices & Job Prospect for Computer Science Graduate

The field of computer science is highly specialized and ever changing. 

There are now more IT jobs in Pakistan and around the world than there were at the height of the dot-com boom.  The demand of people who are skilled in computing field is huge, as an outcome of existing IT demanding field.  From manufacturing, finance, telecommunication, retail trade, consulting, academia and entertainment, every field is spiced up to buy the use of computers.  Hardware and software vendors hire computer professionals for product development, quality assurance, customer support, sales and marketing, documentation and training.  Organizations that use these products like hospitals, banks, insurance and manufacturing companies or the end users hire the computer professionals as system programmer, applications programmer, system analyst, and database and network administrator.




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