Chemical Engineering inhabits an inimitable position as an interface between molecular sciences and engineering.  It is closely associated with the  fundamental subjects of physics, biology, math, and chemistry and in intimate link with the fellow engineering disciplines like electrical, civil, material sciences and computer sciences.  Generally, Chemical Engineering has unparalleled prospects and opportunities to do grater things.  Conventionally linked with energy systems and fuel combustion, Chemical Engineering now a days is spear heading new insight developments in various fields of micro-electronics, advanced material, consumer product, biotechnology, manufacturing and environmental solutions.  A new generation of Chemical Engineering trained entrepreneurs are forming innovative new businesses, no doubt influenced by the fact that Chemical Engineers have served as CEOs of such leading global businesses as 3M, DuPont, General Electric, Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, Exxon, BASF, Gulf and Texaco.  People with undergraduate and graduate Chemical Engineering degrees go on to work in industry, academia, consulting, law, medicine, finance and other fields.

Chemical Engineering undergraduate programme includes a thorough study of mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as an understanding of biological, physical and chemical operation and processes. Courses in this programme cover material and energy balances, transport phenomena, reaction kinetics and process & equipment design. The students also have a choice of electives from topics such as Petrochemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Petroleum Refinery Engineering, Polymer Engineering and some general management topics. The strength of this program is that it enables our graduates to enter the chemical/process industries with confidence and their abilities find almost immediate use. 

Why Choose Us?

NFC-IET is endowed with a highly competitive educational environment with distinguished & learned faculty and ranked among the top institute of Pakistan in engineering education.  The undergraduate chemical engineering laboratories of the Institute provide state-of-the-art equipment for students to obtain hands-on experience to engineering principles and exposure to chemical technology and instrumentation.  The Department has an excellent ammonia miniature plant facility, which provides opportunity to undergraduate students to work with live operating conditions. Ammonia miniature plant is the pride of NFC-IET to produce best chemical engineers for the country leading process industrial research organizations. The Department has excellent computer facilities which provide software for the design of chemical processes, instructional support and general purpose services.  The Institute takes pride of producing the best chemical engineers for the country's leading process industries and research organizations.  If you have the natural curiosity about how things work and interact in the world of chemicals, come and join us and enjoy the pleasure of learning chemical engineering innovations.



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