Sustainable development is the only solution accepted to keep the world a clean and green planet for present and the generations to come. Earth should be dreamed to live as a place with preserved natural systems of refinement, conservation of natural resources and habitats free from environmental hazards. In realization of such aims and objectives, NFC-Institute of Engineering & Technology, Multan is going to launch a new BSc. 4-Year Environmental Engineering Program from this year 2016.

Environmental Engineering program focuses on designing of environmental solutions for the improvement of air quality, water quality and achieving efficient sustainable development of land. It includes systematic approach of cleaner production particularly in process industries.

Students in 4-year program can learn strategies and practices for pollution control measures, resource conservation recycling and protection, conceptual understanding on the application of hydraulic and thermodynamic principles for the restoration and reclamation of contaminated land. Students learn how environmental ethics and safety measures work to enhance efficiency and strengthen decision making process for successful completion of a project. Hazardous waste management and process design for the treatment of toxic pollutants are primarily studied and practiced by the students. Environmental engineers are qualified for the jobs opportunities as;
  • Environmental Officer Environmental Manager Safety Engineer
  • HSE Manager
  • Environmental Management Consultants
  • Waste Management Officer/Specialist
  • Water and land resource Engineer
  • Energy Systems Auditor



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