Mechanical Engineering is an exciting/thrilling field of engineering because it encompasses all engineering aspects of almost everything that moves in the universe. Mechanical engineers are concerned with the principles of motion, energy, and force. Generally, a machine converts one form of energy or movement into another. It is the responsibility of engineers to design machines whose parts and assemblies function in a safe and reliable, efficient, and predictable fashion. Indeed, the numerous laws and principles developed by scientists are the everyday tools of the mechanical engineer. Anything the engineer does that is related to the motion and dynamics of heat, gas, air, liquids, solid materials. Smart structures and robotics requires the understanding and application of the underlying basic science.
Mechanical engineering encompasses many specialties. Mechanical engineers design advanced and smart materials, structures and systems to meet the demands of manufacturing industries, aerospace industries including supersonic and hypersonic space travel, marine and maritime industries including design of ships, hovercrafts, submarines and aircraft carriers, robotics, medical fields, the nuclear energy field, the design of electrical power plants equipped with reactors, pressure piping, heat exchangers, and other specialized components. They develop computer systems that improve, automate and speed up the production process and perform intelligent, agile and just-in-time manufacturing and rapid prototyping. It would be hard to find an area or object in everyday life that was not in some way affected by mechanical engineers.
Mechanical engineers apply scientific methods to the solution of engineering problems. Mechanical Engineering teaches design, analysis and simulation techniques to realize ideas and dreams to improve life on earth. It also teaches how to create and realize next generation products, systems and organizations.





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