NFC-IET has a mission to educate individuals to become the leaders of the profession. This program presents several disciplines within civil engineering and provides our students with a sound and broad education that prepares them for professional practice. It emphasizes interdisciplinary team work, communication skills, tools and skills for professional practice, and lifelong learning. We strive to ensure that our graduates understand professional ethics and the value of service to their profession and society through involvement in community, state, and national organizations. It may sound trite, but civil engineers help to maintain the quality of life. If we think about the standard of living that we enjoy daily, we probably would count things like clean water to drink, safe roads to drive, proper sanitation, and buildings that serve our needs and protect us from environmental hazards. Most people don't realize the complexity of our national intermodal transportation which delivers people and goods in an expeditious and safe way. We don't expect our houses to flood, our bridges to collapse, or our dams to break. These expectations are the result of civil engineers' strives to protect the health of individuals and the welfare of society. These efforts manifest themselves in the form of a national infrastructure upon which our safety and prosperity are dependent.

Objectives & Commitment

Our focus is on people and our mission is to provide the fundamental high quality engineering education needed to design, construct, protect and maintain our infrastructure and our environment. We would like to ensure that our students have a happy, productive and fulfilling experience in their program, at all levels of their education. The opportunity to undertake studies in the Department of Civil Engineering will provide a rich and unique experience in terms of personal growth and understanding. It will not be without challenge or vigour, but it can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. We are dedicated to providing a holistic education for our students and equipping them with the necessary tools to ensure that we live in a safer environment and enjoy a continually improving standard of living. Our faculty, staff and students are working hard to expand this basic knowledge through first class research and international cooperation in order to create a better and safer tomorrow.

Employment Prospects

There are many career paths for civil engineers. Civil engineers may find jobs in Government departments (ranging from municipality, corporation, defense, provincial and central governments), public sector undertakings like NHA, NES Pak, Development  Authoritiesetc  and  various  private  sector organizations (contracting and consulting firms). Initially, the nature of job may be construction supervision, designing, marketing or production. As they gain more experience, they manage projects. Other areas in which civil engineers work include entrepreneurship, teaching, research and development. For teaching and research, one has to acquire additional degrees at master's and Ph.D. level. Civil Engineering offers unparalleled opportunities to work overseas. Being professionally qualified, you will be able to enter into the international workplace.The world has been going through a process of transition;the technological revolution, population growth, environmental concerns, and more. All create unique challenges for civil engineers. The next decades will be creative, demanding, and rewarding times for civil engineers and now is the best time to find out if Civil Engineering at NFC-IET is the right career for you.



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