A key source of energy is oil and natural gas. Efficient recovery of these resources requires Petroleum Engineers with a sound knowledge of fundamentals and latest technological developments relevant to this field. Upstream petroleum engineers are always in demand. Petroleum Engineering involves the production of oil and gas (hydrocarbons) from sub surface reservoirs which requires engineering to bring it to the surface, estimate its value and extract it, in other words, finding oil and gas, drilling and producing it. The mission of the Petroleum Engineering education is to produce graduates who can not only satisfy the current needs of the country’s petroleum industry, but are also able to develop technologies indigenously. Preparing effective and efficient professionals through research and to develop the methods to utilize all the available natural resources in order to fulfill the energy needs of Pakistan in coming years. This will contribute in socio- economic development of Pakistan and the region.

Why Petroleum Engineering?

  • Lectures are accompanied by practical study in fluid and reservoir rock laboratories, geodynamic lab work and field trips to both service company offices and drilling sites.
  • The petroleum engineering field offers on the highest salary rates.
  • Petroleum engineers are amongst the best travelled professionals in the world.
  • Excellent teaching staff, many with extensive industrial experience and strong links with national and international institutes.

Career Opportunities

Petroleum Engineer As a qualified petroleum engineer you will be well rewarded financially in one of the highest paid engineering jobs, enjoy extensive travel opportunities and, as one of the most technically-challenging jobs, benefit from being part of a pioneering worldwide community of professionals.


To educate and equip the students with tools for exploitation of hydrocarbon resources in the most viable and economical manner by using fundamental principles as well as state-of-the-art technology.


The mission is to produce qualified and well-versed Petroleum Engineers equipped with fundamental sciences, able to find viable solutions, and skills to enter executive technical positions in industry, R&D institutes, public sector organizations and academia.



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