Architecture design refers to the ideation and creation of spaces. Architecture encompasses many different elements including construction, design, and the manipulation of light as it relates to shadow. Throughout history, architects have found ways to create functional and practical spaces using materials that were exquisitely modified to fit their use in construction.
Architecture is the outcome of necessity. History of cultures suggests a dire need of spaces to worship revered religious deities;early Egyptian and Mesopotamian architecture directly reflected the relationship between people and their belief systems interpreted through their rituals. Architecture has since long served as the backdrop and a stage.
While "architects" as we know today did not exist during the construction of these buildings, the idea behind creating impressive and functional spaces was present.
The theories that led to the creation of such marvels were unique and adhered to the very context. It was either a manifestation of a divine power, the power and wealth of an emperor or a display of wealth of the state. For the ancient Persians, creating buildings that impressed guests was important.
Again, through the need for shelter, to urban design and architecture by building massive cities, demographics and civic aspects were also reflected through Architecture.
Due to the Greek and Roman contributions, architecture began to take new forms and shapes. Buildings constructed during Greek and Roman times were massive, impressive, and nearly every structure tested the boundaries of architecture as the world knew it.

Figure 2: Roman Colosseum. Italy
Today, architecture design is frequently based upon modern concerns such as the sustainability, ecology and environment. The current era is the era of specializations. Architecture has therefore provided a vast range of specialization that comes as a package in this five year degree.
Today's architects must consider form, texture, structure, space, mass, materials, and costs before designing a building or space. Therefore, an architect must have a good grasp of mathematics, engineering, and science. This is precisely why most architects spend many years working within the field of architecture prior to working as independent consultant.
Through proper education and work experience, a career in architecture design can be achieved. From residential architecture to industrial architecture, architecture design has greatly evolved over the centuries

Figure 3: Sydney Opera House by Jorn Utzon
alhamra arts council architecture

Figure 4: Alhamra Arts Council Lahore by Nayyer Ali Dada
DoleMan Mall
Doleman Mall Karachi By Amer Adnan Architects

HBL Tower Karachi by Leo A .Daly



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